Local Rules

1. Out of bounds: Rule 18-2

Beyond the boundary wall of the Course; 19th hut near the 1st tee, Driving range, Car park and Pro shop as marked with fence /white lines or white stakes. Internal OB: A ball lying on the 8th fairway while playing 6th hole will be deemed as Out Of Bounds.

2. Movable Obstruction: Rule 15.2

Without Penalty a player can remove any movable obstruction anywhere on the course.

Abnormal Course Conditions (Including immovable obstructions) rule 16.1 Free relief

Preservation of young Trees:

  • Trees with staked support to be treated as ’No Play Zone’. Free relief must be taken for interference with area of intended stance or swing.
  • Ground Under Repair. All areas marked in white.
  • Immovable Obstructions: all cart paths, light poles, bridges, benches, protective nets, sprinkler heads, distance markers.
  • Embedded Ball: Relief is allowed if your ball is embedded in the general area.
  • Exception: When your ball is embedded in sand in a part of the general area that is not cut to fairway height or less; or when interference by anything other than your ball makes your stroke clearly unreasonable.

3. Penalty Areas

Rule 17 are defined as either yellow stakes/yellow lines and or Red stakes/red lines

  • If a players ball is in a penalty area including when it is known or virtually certain to be in a penalty area even though it is not found ,the player may avail the relief options with a one stroke penalty.

4. Golf Cart

  • Keep carts on the cart paths provided (Marked Green Stakes)
  • Keep your cart at least 50 yards from the green.

5. Pin Positions:

  • Pin position for first 9 round is yellow pin flags and pin position for second 9 round is light blue pin flags